LinkedIn can now get users verified for free

LinkedIn verification with CLEAR and workplace email
(Image credit: LinkedIn)

Networking site and recruitment platform LinkedIn has announced a new way of verifying users' identities and employment roles that won’t cost them a penny.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, which both charge for the service, LinkedIn has devised a plan to offer verification marks free of charge in the hope that it may broaden the appeal of the platform in an era of cost-cutting and economic pressure.

At launch, the Microsoft-owned platform will partner with CLEAR in the US only to verify a user’s government ID and phone number, in turn awarding them with a new ‘Verifications’ section underneath the ‘Connect’ and ‘Message’ buttons.

LinkedIn verified accounts

LinkedIn, along with other platforms like Twitter, has come under a lot of pressure in recent months after fake profiles have been causing headaches for users, often being used for spam purposes.

CLEAR verification adds to the existing workplace email verification method available globally, though it’s worth noting that only 4,000 companies are supported and the existing service is of no use to freelancers and self-emploed workers.

Additionally, a partnership with the Microsoft Entra Verified ID platform aims to give as many as two million LinkedIn users free digital workplace IDs.

LinkedIn Vice President Oscar Rodriguez explained in a blog post that the free verification methods plan to be rolled out to more markets in the future, however many users will undoubtedly have to wait.

With more verification methods, LinkedIn hopes that showing “you're the real you” will land you with better connections that lead you to more meaningful networks and improved job opportunities.

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