Leveraging data could be the key to business success, says Oracle CEO

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Embracing the latest breakthroughs in data and cloud technologies can put your business at the top of the pile, according to Oracle CEO Safra Katz.

Speaking at the company’s Oracle OpenWorld Europe event, Katz said major technological advances have allowed the company to bring customers up to speed with new systems as quickly as possible.

“Though all transformations start, the truest transformation never ends,” she said. “As new technologies become available, they allow companies to bring them in and leverage them for greater strength, better customer understanding and better financial and employee decisions."

Oracle cloud success

Katz highlighted that digital transformation remains a crucial element for companies of all sizes, no matter which industry they are in.

Oracle, she noted, was at the forefront of embracing the potential of the cloud, rebuilding its entire product line 20 years ago in preparation for the shifts cloud technology brought about.

“We are in a position where...we feel like an overnight success 15 years in the making,” Katz declared. “We had to change our whole company for the cloud...it's now our job to serve you, so we build our systems knowing that we will run them for you.”

Katz also spoke about the many benefits available to Oracle Cloud customers, including updates to its services every 90 days.

“If you're not getting new updates every 90 days, you're not really in the cloud,” she noted. "We've sped up the clock...things that would take weeks, now take an hour.”

“Our real mission is to have you benefit from these services, so you can dedicate your time to what makes you better,” she concluded.

Mike Moore
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