Yet more MacBook Air maladies reported

MacBook Airs are being returned to Apple for getting laid

Some MacBook Air displays are being returned to Apple for getting laid and doing lines. (And no, they are not – obviously - having sex and doing cocaine.)

Complaints on a number of online Mac forums centre on MacBook Air displays getting laid – which basically means that users can see very noticeable horizontal grey lines running across the screens of their fashionable laptops.

It seems that this is a problem that occurs out of the box and not one that develops over time, with the lines appearing as soon as you boot up your trendy new MacBook Air.

Check before gift wrapping

Apple is apparently replacing broken MacBook Airs suffering from the lines problem, with no questions asked. Thankfully!

So if you were thinking of buying your loved one a MacBook Air for Christmas then make sure to double check it before you wrap it up in Xmas gift wrap – as this is one problem that really could ruin our (*ahem* 'their') Christmas.