Bing deepens Facebook integration with likes and comments from search

Bing deepens Facebook integration allowing Likes and Comments from results
Bing and Facebook are becoming bosom buddies

Bing users, if they so desire, can now like and comment on posts from Facebook friends that appear within the engine's social search results.

Bing introduced the social search sidebar last year in the hope that Facebook posts from the users' networks of friends could enhance web searches.

For example, if the Bing user is searching for 'Best restaurant in Shrewsbury' there's a good chance that a Facebook friend may have checked in with a recommendation in the past.

Now Bing has deepened the integration, the user would be able to like the post or comment to ask for the best dish, for example, without leaving the search results page.

Beyoncé help

In a post on the Bing blog, Nektarios Ioannides, Program Manager, cited another example of how the extension of social search may be useful.

He wrote: "How does it work? Let's say I'm searching for Beyoncé tickets because I know she is coming to town soon. I can see that my friend has recently posted that she has an extra ticket to the show.

"Now without leaving the Bing results page, I comment directly to her post letting her know that I'd love to join her for the concert. I've gone from simply browsing to attending a concert in just a few easy steps – all thanks to Bing."

Users will need to head to and connect their Facebook account to give it a try.

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