Twitter's new 'Connect' feature guesses who you'd love to follow

Twitter's new feature helps you find your friends

Whether you're a fresh egg or a veteran tweeter (a veeter?), there comes a time when you need to follow some fresh Twitter accounts to keep your feed from getting stale - but where do you start?

Twitter is answering that ever-present social media question with its Connect tab on mobile devices. It's a new, curated suggestion list based on your past tweets, favorites, local area, and even your IRL friends.

In addition to finding choice accounts to your liking, Twitter's new feature also syncs to your address book. Once a friend or family member signs up for the service, Twitter sends you a notification so that you can add them to your "Following" list.

The Connect tab also provides context behind its recommendations, be it because of mutual friends, relevance to where you live, or how it relates to your interests or work field.

How to start using Twitter Connect

Users can start Connect-ing today by downloading the latest version of Twitter for iOS and Android and clicking on the prompted tab.

Building a strong, personalized portfolio for your newsfeed is a crucial part of enjoying Twitter, especially for the 5 million new users who just joined the service since last quarter.

However, Twitter also announced a drop a revenue this quarter, meaning that retaining those users is a major priority. Thank goodness the site has such useful and humble news sources to follow like @TechRadar.

Parker Wilhelm
Parker Wilhelm is a freelance writer for TechRadar. He likes to tinker in Photoshop and talk people's ears off about Persona 4.