Turkey turns the screw on Twitter ban, blocks social network at ISP level

Turkey turns the screw on Twitter ban blocks social network at ISP level

The Turkish government's attempts to prohibit Twitter use in the country were escalated this weekend, as the country moved to stamp out workarounds.

Despite a blanket ban on Twitter on Thursday, residents were able to gain access to the social network by using Google's free DNS servers.

However, now the authorities have moved not only to block Google's workaround, but also to block Twitter's IP addresses with the country's internet service providers.

That means no DNS services can be used to circumnavigate the restrictions.

YouTube next?

Reports are also suggesting Turkey is also considering action against YouTube after Google ignored requests to take down videos alleging government corruption.

"We support a free and open Internet throughout the world and are concerned whenever and wherever it comes under threat," a Google spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal.

The paper said Google feels an "immediate threat" of a ban in the country.