Spotify launches new services

Spotify - new models, but what about the old ones?
Spotify - new models, but what about the old ones?

Spotify has announced two new levels of service – Spotify Unlimited and Spotify Open, but insists that the Spotify Free model will continue for now.

The new models – Unlimited offering a Premium level but only for the computer and not mobile, and Open offering 20 hours of listening – will inevitably lead to fears that the invite-only Spotify Free is going to be phased out.

Spotify Unlimited will offer all you can eat access to the tunes for £4.99 per month for the computer, while the Spotify Open model is a free ad-supported service offering the full music catalogue without Spotify Free's invite system, but only for 20 hours a month.

Not the end of free

Spotify insists that this does not spell the end of Spotify Free – stating that the two new services are being introduced to 'complement' Spotify Free and the Spotify Premium offerings.

Spotify Premium will continue to offer the full service on both PC and mobile.

"Spotify Free will continue to provide ad-supported music to our 7m+ users across Europe, with new users still able to sign up to the current Free service by obtaining one of the many millions of invites currently available."

Ek-ky thump

Daniel Ek, CEO and founder of Spotify, said: "Up until today, new Spotify users have had two options - either subscribe to the full Spotify Premium experience or receive a Spotify Free invite from a friend.

"Following Spotify's major upgrade, we wanted to give music fans new ways to enjoy the service.

"Now everyone who wants a great introduction to Spotify without an invite, or who wants to enjoy unlimited, ad-free music just on their computers, can do so."

So, those Spotify Free invites are beginning to look mighty valuable, unless you are happy with a 20 hours a month limit.

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