PostPost creates newspaper from your Facebook feed

New PostPost service lets you create a daily newspaper from your Facebook feed

A new way of reading your friends' news from Facebook, presented in the style of a traditional newspaper, called 'PostPost' launches this month.

PostPost is a news app that takes and develops similar concepts from the likes of Pulse and the popular iPad app Flipboard, to let users effectively become the own editor of the newspaper of their daily lives.

'The Daily You'

PostPost describes itself as a "social newspaper" and has been created by data management and rapid application deployment solutions company TigerLogic.

The service uses the Yolink search API to help you find context and backlinks within your 'newspaper' - and uses the jQuery Masonry plugin for links, videos and photos imported from Facebook's Open Graph API to display your content in traditional broadsheet style.

PostPost also only uses JavaScript, so can scale easily and find and display news stories in real time.

For now this interesting new Facebook product is still in the beta testing phase.

So if you are not keen on the look of Facebook's own news feeds, then you might want to try out the new service over at PostPost

Here's a video outlining a little more about PostPost: