Pinterest's simpler, cleaner redesign tacked up today

The new look for Pinterest is rolling out now

Ready for a new look to the old Pinterest?

A fresh design and several new features will be part of the revamped Pinterest that will roll out to users.

Starting today, invitations for the improved Pinterest, which was tested out by a select group of users back in February, will be sent out so every one of the site's users can take advantage of its new bells and whistles.

The overhaul is part of a company credo to make it easier for Pinners to discover the things they love, while also taking a broom to the site's interface so it's cleaner and simpler to navigate.

Big pinnin'

Among the changes coming in the update are bigger pins, which Pinterest said will enable users to see more of what they enjoy.

That's not the only pinning improvement coming, as there will also be new functionality to allow you to view pins from the same site and from the same board without navigating away.

Pinterest is also adding a "People who pinned this also pinned" notification, which works pretty much exactly as described, and lets you see more of other people's interests from one spot.


Find the pins other Pinners are pinning

This is a feature the network hopes will find its way to the Android and iOS apps in the coming months.

There's also been some reworking of the way the browser's back button works while navigating various boards, which will help people return to their original tasks much quicker.

Now, no matter how far down a pinhole you have traveled, hitting the back button will bring you back to the very first page you visited before getting distracted by photos of that homemade Venetian cookie display.

Pinterest also claimed it "rebuilt the foundation" of the site, which it said would make it easier to upgrade on the back end, and easier to navigate on the user end.

Invites are on their way out, so it shouldn't be long until avid pinners are able to take advantage of all that's new.