Microsoft's new browser is called Project Spartan

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New browser, anyone?

As part of Microsoft's Windows 10 consumer reveal, the company is outlining its new browser, called Project Spartan.

The browser is marked by a darker theme and a number of new functions. For one, users can interact with a web page using a pen or keyboard. Microsoft's Joe Belfiore showed how users could mark up a web page, making notes and drawings on the screen, and then share it with friends.

Microsoft put a greater emphasis on reading with Project Spartan; the browser features a reading mode, a standardized yet customizable way to read content on the web. Microsoft also included a reading list inthe core web browser, one that carries over between devices. The reading list can be saved offline, so you can read saved pages on a flight with no Wi-Fi, for example. There is also built-in support for PDF files.

Cortana is here, too

Continuing its central role in the Windows 10 experience, Cortana is built directly into Project Spartan.

Belfiore described how the assistant will "pop up" when needed while a user browsers. In addition to offering answers to traditional search queries, Cortana, the personal assistant that it is, can give details geared toward a user's specific needs. For example, if you have a Facebook event planned at a restaurant coming up, Cortana can pull information for the restaurant, such as directions and the menu, on Project Spartan.

Project Spartan will not come to phone right away, Belfiore said. It will land on PC first, though not in the first build.

A new build for Windows 10 is due next week.

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