HootSuite accidentally sends out thousands of users' private information

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HootSuite has apologized for the apparent leak

Social network management software company HootSuite mistakenly sent out emails containing other's private email addresses of users this Saturday as the result of a glitch with the integration of Seesmic.

Seesmic, a social networking service similar to HootSuite, was recently acquired by HootSuite, causing its users to fold into HootSuite Pro, a paid version of the aggregator.

According to reports at TNW, former Seesmic users who were going to be affected by the cut-over received hundreds, some even thousands of renewal emails from HootSuite on Saturday.

Aside from cluttering inboxes, the emails also contained the email addresses of "under 4000" other HootSuite users in the "To" field.

HootSuite howls

In a quick response to the mistakenly sent emails, HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes issued a statement with an explanation, an apology, and a promise.

"The issue has been contained," said Holmes, "but will likely continue to cause concern over the next few days as people who were away from their computers and email continue to discover the issue."

Holmes also reassured HootSuite users that their data is still safe as it's not "connected to this failed system in any way." He further advised users receiving the email to promptly delete it from their mailboxes.

HootSuite's current promise of reparations comes in the form of a "product credit as a further sign of [the company's] utmost respect and desire to make things right."

Via TNW, HootSuite