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Facebook introduces tag approval

Facebook introduces an array of new privacy settings

Facebook has announced a large-scale overhaul of its privacy settings to give users more control over who sees the items posted to their profile.

The changes, which will start appearing to users on Thursday, gives each post on your wall its own unique privacy setting, whether it was added by yourself or another user.

The headline feature, of over a dozen adjustments, is the ability to approve photo and status tags before they appear on your profile.

Facebook says it was the most requested addition and will prevent embarrassing tags from friends appearing before you have the chance to veto.

Location and more

Also, when you update your own status or post a link or a photo you can choose exactly who you share each item with, be it friends, the public or a custom setting.

Another improvement gives Facebook users the opportunity to tag a location on the full site as well as the smartphone apps.

As well as the ability to approve or reject tags before they appear on your profile, you'll also have the opportunity to tag non-friends in photos and posts.

The final top-line change is the new Profile View setting, which allows you to see, for the first time, your own page as your friends see it.

The additions put more privacy controls right at your fingertips rather than having to trawl through the sea of account settings.