Digg's 'simple' Google Reader replacement ready in a few months

Digg Google Reader
Digg hopes it can deliver on fan feedback for its RSS reader

Google's Reader may be on the way out this July, but there are already other savvy internet companies looking to fill its upcoming void.

Digg revealed its intentions to create a new RSS feed compiler earlier this month, and at the time asked many of its current users what they would like to see in a new Reader-like service.

The aggregate site already said it would include compatibility with Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Tumblr, and feature a Reader-esque API for longtime users of Google's service.

Now that Digg feels it has enough of a feel for what people want, the site is ready to begin development of its spiritual successor.

Can you Digg it?

Over on the Digg blog, the site discussed the features identified by users as integral for not just the success of a new RSS reader, but also on how to improve Google's departing system.

Chief among the 800 responses was to keep the Digg RSS reader simple, which the site replied it hoped to do by keeping the interface clean, flexible and easy to understand.

Speed was another hallmark feature respondents claimed would be key, as was the ability to synchronize the feed across multiple devices.

Holdouts from the soon-to-be-expired Google Reader also intimated they were looking for a way to easily import existing accounts and subscriptions to the new Digg service.

"We want to experiment with and add value to the sources of information that are increasingly important," Digg related.

"We likely won't get everything we want into v1, but we believe it's worth exploring."

Digg hopes to have its RSS reader ready in a few months, which could mean an easy transition from the end of Google's app in July.