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Microsoft now officially protects your privacy in the cloud

Satya Nadella
Microsoft Cloud International Standard

Microsoft has become one of the largest cloud providers to adopt a newly developed international standard for cloud privacy for enterprise customers with data stored in Azure, Office 365 and Dynamic CRM Online.

Going forwards the Microsoft Cloud will adhere to the ISO/IEC 27018 standard developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to create a unified and international response to protecting the privacy of personal data stored in the cloud.

Microsoft explained that its adherence to the ISO 27018 ensures enterprise customers are in control of their data; know what's happening with their data; know that their data has strong security protections; understand their data wont be used for advertising; and will be informed when government requests for its data are made.

Endorsed by the EU

The software giant has already earned plaudits for its enterprise cloud service in Europe where it was approved by the European Union's 28 data protection authorities and as such met the tough new EU privacy laws that are in place.

As such Microsoft already had a strong set of principles in place before adopting this standard and eyes will now be on the remainder of the enterprise cloud community to follow suit and adopt the same standard.

Via: Microsoft