New EE 4G plan provides enough data to stream HD video for 13 years

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It claims its 1PB plan is a world's first

EE has launched a data plan aimed at businesses with huge digital appetites that features a whopping petabyte (PB - the equivalent of one million gigabytes) of data.

It's the largest of a bunch of new 'super bundles' - packages that offer data caps of 50TB, 100TB, 200TB, 500TB and 1PB - and businesses can take their time chomping through them as they never expire.

Organisations with deeper pockets are more likely to eye up the largest data package on offer as EE has set its price at a cool £8 million - the equivalent of £8 per GB - according to EE. The company says that's less than half the price of satellite uplink costs that range from £20 per GB for data transfer, and could save broadcasters a wad of cash as a result.

Though clearly on a much larger scale, that price fares similarly to the cost of EE's cheapest SIM-only consumer 4G data plan, which is set at £15 for 2GB of data (coming in at £7.50 for one GB) and expires after 30 days.

Rising data

The telco estimates that 2,500 users on a 3G service would typically use up to 200TB over three years, which it predicts would rise to 600TB on a 4G service.

Businesses on the new packages have the option of adding SIMs whenever they want, meaning that companies could make the data available to a greater number of employees on the same plan.

EE's 4G network is now available in 20 cities across Britain and offers an average upload speed of 12 - 15Mbps. The company, which formed after the merger of T-Mobile and Orange, is investing £1.5 billion over three years to make sure its network can support more customers using an increasing amount of data.

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