Intel has a killer app in the works that will copy off Mac’s best feature

(Image credit: Intel)

Intel is adding a brand new feature to its PCs: an app called Unison, which will allow users to call, text, and send files between Windows and Android devices. It’s a feature that Macs have had for years with its own products, and is meant to keep users focused on their workflow.

The move, according to Engadget, comes a year after Intel acquired Israeli company Screenovate, which resulted in the tech giant overhauling its phone integration tool and allowing for VPN, firewall, and IT support. Through Unison, Intel is also able to handle wireless connections between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular networks while being more battery efficient.

Unison app will make it possible to quickly push file transfers, like photos or video, from your phone to PC or vice versa. Though at this time, there’s no official confirmation on how fast those transfer speeds are.

According to Josh Newman, Intel's VP of mobile innovation, only a few HP 12th-generation Evo PCs will have Unison now, and it’ll be available for 13th-gen PCs next year. Though it seems possible the app could support earlier Intel hardware, Newman stated that Intel wants to see how well it performs first.

How can Unison change Android and Windows for the better?

The Unison app will be offering features that Mac users have enjoyed for years, and has the potential to become an absolutely life changing feature for PC owners. Especially considering that it’s for call, text, and file sharing with reworked network connections to really make the service shine.

It’s not nearly as seamless as said Mac and iOS, but it’s already better than Microsoft's Phone Links app which only allows for integrated notifications between Windows devices. With a bit more time and investment, Unison could have near instant file sharing between Windows and Android devices in a wide variety of mediums.

It seems that support will ultimately depend on how well Unison does on the 12th and 13 gen Intel Evo PCs, but the potential is there for sure and we look forward to seeing Unison expand its service to other Intel PCs and even PCs in general.

Allisa James
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