If you buy the Dead Space Remake you can get Dead Space 2 for free

Isaac is pinned down by an enemy
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More good news has been announced ahead of the Dead Space remake, out January 27. Those lucky few who intend to play the game on a PC will be greeted with a free copy of Dead Space 2 on purchase. 

The survival horror sequel usually costs $20 / £17.99 / AUD$29 on Steam, but it’ll be free if you purchase the Dead Space remake – a nice extra if you don’t already own Dead Space 2. 

Unfortunately, this deal doesn’t carry over to console editions. However, for Xbox Series X/S owners and those subscribed to Game Pass, all the existing Dead Space games are already free to access, even Dead Space 3. 

That said, PS5 fans have got the short end of the stick with this one. Not only is there no deal for Dead Space 2, but it isn’t even available to purchase on the PlayStation Store. Furthermore, those planning to play the Dead Space remake on a PS5 will have to pay more than others as it is priced at $70 / £69.99 / AUS$109.05. 

Worth the pain 

Dead Space floating hand

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For those who loved the original Dead Space, the remake stays true to the story but with some areas expanded, similar to the Resident Evil 2 remake. One big change is that your character, Isaac Clarke, will now speak. Originally a silent protagonist, Clarke was only given dialogue in Dead Space 2 and 3. This update makes the original game fit in more neatly with its sequels. 

Dead Space made a name for itself with its gore, letting you shoot off your enemies’ individual limbs. Developer Motive Studio hasn’t lost sight of that, and besides making Isaac a bit of a chatterbox, it’s adding a new dynamic flesh peeling system which looks terrific. This will also serve as a damage indicator making it more obvious when you can finish off a foe. 

Blowing away the competition  

If an alien horror story set deep in space sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Not long ago now, Striking Distance Studios released The Callisto Protocol. While many enjoyed its storyline and great visual and audible elements, the sci-fi horror title didn’t live up to the hype.

Dead Space remake cut of their limbs blood graffiti

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The Callisto Protocol is not connected to Dead Space, though they do share a lineage. Callisto Protocol was directed by Glen Schofield, Dead Space’s co-creator, and both games’ atmospheres and mechanics are very similar. The enemies, the minimal HUD and UI, and an over-the-shoulder perspective make the resemblance to Dead Space hard to shake. 

While The Callisto Protocol was one of our hardware editor Aleksha McLoughlin’s favorite games of last year, she says herself that “It’s full of frustrating difficulty spikes and design decisions which means I can’t wholeheartedly love it the way I do those first two Dead Space games.” This is why she’s so excited for this Dead Space remake: it’s going back to the original source and giving it all the bells and whistles of a modern game.

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