iCloud for Windows now has its own password generator

iCloud for Windows
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Apple has released a new version of its cloud storage (opens in new tab) service for Windows and iCloud for Windows 13 now includes a password generator (opens in new tab) among other new features.

While the iPhone maker released an update back in August that allowed Windows users to leverage its iCloud Keychain password manager (opens in new tab) app, at that time they could only access their stored passwords.

Now though with the release of the latest version of iCloud (opens in new tab) for Windows, Windows users can generate strong and unique passwords for all of their accounts regardless of whether they're currently using Apple or Microsoft's operating system.

Apple also released a Chrome iCloud extension (opens in new tab) at the beginning of this year to make it easier for its users to access their stored passwords from Google's browser (opens in new tab) or even on a Chromebook (opens in new tab).

ProRaw and ProRes support

In addition to bringing a password generator to iCloud for Windows, Apple has also added support for its ProRaw (opens in new tab) and ProRes (opens in new tab) photo and video formats to its cloud storage service.

While the ProRaw photo format was first introduced with the launch of the iPhone 12 Pro (opens in new tab) last year, ProRes is a new video format that debuted with the launch of the iPhone 13 Pro (opens in new tab) earlier this year. 

As Apple's latest pro model iPhone (opens in new tab) support both formats, adding them to iCloud for Windows makes a lot of sense as users will now be able to view and edit photos and videos shot using them on their desktop PCs (opens in new tab).

Apple users that want to use iCloud on a Windows machine at home or work can now download iCloud for Windows 13 from the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab).

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