Huawei P50 Pro leak reveals the biggest camera lenses we've seen on a phone

Huawei P40 Pron kameramoduuli
(Image credit: Elisa Huttunen)

A new Huawei P50 Pro leak shows renders of a phone with, quite simply, some of the biggest camera lenses we’ve ever seen on a phone. They’re huge. Grotesque. We can’t wait to try them out.

Assuming they’re real, of course – leaks aren’t always accurate, and there’s less of a guarantee that renders represent the final design of a phone. But this leak comes courtesy of the reliable Steve Hemmerstoffer aka @OnLeaks, who revealed the new design on Voice with a suitably appropriate warning for readers to brace themselves for the first images of the phone:

Hemmerstoffer didn’t have any camera details to go with the images, so we don’t know exactly how truly massive each of these two lenses are expected to be – but even eyeballing them shows that both of them lined up in a camera block take up a third of the phone’s length. 

Even more leak details

Hemmerstoffer’s leak did include other alleged info about the P50 Pro: it’ll have a 6.6-inch display with slightly curved waterfall edges, an in-screen fingerprint sensor and a centered punch-hole for the selfie camera (as opposed to the two-lens oval hole in the Huawei P40 range). 

Per the leak, the top and bottom of the P50 Pro are flat, much like the P30, and the supposed dimensions (159 x 73 x 8.6mm) are barely longer and wider than the P40, though expect that camera bump to thicken the phone to 10.3mm. Expect a rear glass panel and metal frame with speakers at the top and bottom. 

This leak certainly blows the doors open on the P50 Pro; what few rumors we’ve heard focused on whether the phone will be the first to come with Huawei’s Android-rivaling operating system Harmony pre-installed from the factory floor. But now we’re wondering what those lenses could accomplish – even phones of yesteryear we remember having big cameras, like the Nokia Lumia 1020, actually just had large camera blocks. We’re eager to see more about what might be the largest lenses ever to grace a smartphone. 

David Lumb

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