Huawei is preparing a major AI hardware push

Huawei is set to roll out a significant AI upgrade across all of its hardware.

The company is reportedly currently hard at work on "Project Da Vinci", a major campaign that will bring AI technology to a wide range of its various hardware offerings.

According to The Information, AI is set to play a major role in Huawei's near future -  as everything from smartphones to data centres and even networking equipment is set to get an intelligence boost under Project Da Vinci.

Huawei Project Da Vinci

AI is already a common feature in many of the smartphones released recently by both Huawei and its Western offshoot Honor. Both companies have launched devices featuring AI-enriched hardware and software, with the latter being used to improve photography or battery efficiency.

Now it seems that Huawei is planning to expand its AI tools into the company's wider ecosystem. This would probably include the networking equipment that helped make Huawei what it is today, where AI could be used to ensure smoother and regulated network performances - key considerations with 5G on the horizon.

But the report also claims that Huawei could be set to launch into the data centre chip space, bringing it into conflict with Nvidia, AMD and Intel. All these vendors have recently released AI-boosted hardware targeting the data centre, and as more and more organisations move into the cloud, such a transition by Huawei makes good business sense.

Smart cities could also be another huge potential use case for Huawei's AI technology, with the report also mentioning the company's work in video surveillance cameras. Here, AI could be used to quickly scan through hours of video to detect criminals, or to monitor traffic build-up to ensure a city never gets gridlocked.

Mike Moore
Deputy Editor, TechRadar Pro

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