HP rolls out new all-in-ones, workstations for the home and office

HP EliteOne 800 G9
(Image credit: HP)

HP has unveiled new All-in-One (AIO) PCs, desktops, and workstations, built for business professionals, students, and those in need of a high-performing device. 

The PC maker says its new devices will help people stay productive while working remotely, sporting high-end specs, Windows 11, and a videoconferencing suite of tools called HP Presence.

Today’s hybrid and dynamic work environment might mean that people move around much, but there are still many who need to sit down for “long periods of time”, noted Andy Rhodes, HP's global head of commercial systems and display solutions, adding, "they want to log in and get right to it. They often have a desire for much more performance than anyone in the organization."

New HP PCs

The HP Presence, first announced in early Q4 2021, comes with a number of conference-oriented features, such as dynamic voice leveling, AI-powered background noise reduction, and a built-in high-quality camera. It also comes with preinstalled Zoom Rooms, enabling users to join a Zoom meeting with one press. 

There are also other productivity features, such as whiteboard, document markings, or wireless screen sharing. 

The EliteOne 800 G9, on the other hand, builds on the Presence, with a better camera (optional), and a new Monitor Mode (allows the user to connect the device to a different machine).

Besides the EliteOne 800 G9, HP unveiled the HP Elite Mini 800 G9 Desktop PC. It's smaller in size, but can connect up to eight displays, or paired with an HP E-Series Conferencing Monitor. The HP Elite SFF 800 G9 Desktop PC is another powerful device in a smaller form factor. 

The HP Elite Tower 800 G8 Desktop PC, on the other hand, is a computing powerhouse, designed for those in need of a high-performing device. 

Running Windows 11

The devices are powered by an Intel 12th Gen processor, and run on Windows 11. The difference between the Presence and the EliteOne is in the RAM and GPU, as the Presence comes with DDR4 memory and Intel’s integrated graphics, while the EliteOne comes with DDR5 and runs on Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti.

Consumers can also throw in the wireless charging stand (optional), allowing them to charge their phone, their earbuds, smartwatches, or other devices that support wireless charging, right below their monitors. 

The AIOs come in two sizes - a 23.8-inch Full HD model, and a 27-inch 1440p model. HP says both devices should be released this May. No word on how much they’re going to cost, though.  The company also announced the HP Elite 600 G9 Series Desktop PCs, to be launched in March, and HP Pro 400 G9 Series Desktop PCs, to be launched in May.

Via: ZDNet

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