HP reveals Linux laptops tailored for data scientists

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HP has announced a new software bundle tailored for data analysts and scientists for some of its workstations and notebooks that run Ubuntu Linux 20.04.

The Z by HP Data Science Software preload is a collection of popular data science tools that’ll be rolled out on select  HP ZBook Studio G7 Mobile Workstations and HP ZBook Create G7 Notebook PCs. 

These machines are designed for data scientists and have the necessary computing resources that are required to power the new software preload for machine learning, deep learning, and data science workloads.

For data scientists

HP will preload a variety of data science libraries, developer tools, Docker container support, and other extras on these machines that will run an Ubuntu 20.04 desktop installation.

The preload bundles NVIDIA's RAPIDS and CUDA components along with the proprietary driver and common machine learning libraries like TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and more. 

According to HP, the workstations have been extensively tested and certified to ensure the software performs at its best on top of the Ubuntu 20.04 installation. The California-based hardware company has tested the bundle in collaboration with Canonical, the company that sponsors the development of the open source Ubuntu distribution.

Some of the machines with the Z by HP Data Science preload will go on sale later this month, while others are expected to ship in 2021.

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