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David Mitchell rails against bad 3D, in bad 3D

David Mitchell
David Mitchell - anaglyphic

Comedian David Mitchell has used his popular 'Soapbox' on YouTube to rail against the gimmickry of bad 3D, in bad 3D.

Mitchell is best known as the star of the genius Peep Show and The Mitchell and Webb look sketch show – both alongside Robert Webb.

Mitchell uses his soapbox to wax lyrical about a topic that annoys him, and this week's is 3D, filmed in anaglyphic 3D.


"I don't see the attraction of 3D, it's not just a gimmick, but a gimmick that detracts from the story when it's badly done," says Mitchell.

"And even when it's impressive, its very impressiveness yanks you out of the world that you are immersed in, as you stop to admire it."