Has Microsoft Edge just slipped up in the browser wars?

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The battle for web browser supremacy continues to rumble on as Microsoft Edge and Firefox scrap for users across the world.

The latest global browser market share figures for August 2021 from Statcounter claim that Firefox has clawed back ground on its main rival, with its 3.55% share just behind Edge on 3.57%.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Google Chrome still leads the way with users across the world, taking 64.94% of the total market share, with Safari in second place on 18.75%.

Edge vs Firefox

The news marks the latest point in the tightly-fought battle between Mozilla and Microsoft as both scrap for market share.

Microsoft Edge finally overtook Firefox back in June 2021 after months of growth, but the gap between the two browsers has closed in recent weeks.

Safari, which dominates Apple's macOS devices, has seen a steady growth in recent months, perhaps aided by consumers and business workers alike upgrading their hardware and software ahead of a return to the office. The browser has now seen its market share increase for three months running.

Elsewhere, Opera rounded out the top five, taking 2.17% market share in August 2021, and Internet Explorer's grim decline continued - although Statcounter found that 0.58% of users are still using the now incredibly outdated browser.

Microsoft will now be hoping to pull away from Firefox as 2021 continues, with the launch of Windows 11 in October possibly set to send usage of Edge (which will ship as the pre-installed browser on the platform) to greater numbers than ever before.

The browser is set to get a major makeover for the launch of Windows 11, with a redesigned interface bringing it into line with the new software's stripped-back design.

Microsoft has also given Edge a host of upgrades for the browser, including a secure password generator, in-built price comparison toolvertical tab bar and more.

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