Google says it plans to start reopening offices soon

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Google has laid out its plans to begin reopening its office at various locations with a minimal 10 percent occupancy starting July 6.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai further said that the company is looking to increase occupancy to 30 percent by September.

The company will ask a limited number of employees to resume working from the office on a rotational basis, while ensuring security protocols like social distancing and sanitisation are being followed.

With many employees told to work from home over the last few months, some companies worldwide have now started on plans to resume office life.

Remote working 

In an official blog post, Pichai revealed that the decision to increase the workforce will only be taken if “conditions permit”. 

While he emphasised that only the people who “need to come back to the office” will be prioritised, he said that the company foresees a large part of the workforce to continue to work remotely for the rest of the year.

Further, Pichai announced that Google will allow employees to relocate temporarily to a different location to stay closer with families while continuing to work remotely. 

He stated that every Google employee will be given an “allowance of $1,000, or the equivalent value” to help them get the necessary equipment and furniture for their remote office set-up.

Google’s announcement around getting ready to reopen offices is in contrast with the recent moves made by other technology companies like Twitter, Facebook, Shopify and Dell that have asked their employees continue working remotely.

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