Google is signing up even more users to 2FA, whether they like it or not

Google 2FA security
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Google has revealed plans to up security protection for millions more users around the world by signing them up to two-factor authentication (2FA).

2FA essentially requires users to take one more step when logging in to their account in order to prove they are who they claim to be - most typically by entering a code sent via SMS, or tapping a confirmation notification on a linked smartphone or other mobile device.

Google began signing its users up for 2FA in November 2021 in a push to help its accounts be more secure, with more than 150 million users (including two million YouTube creators) already enrolled, with the company noting that the results have been good enough to warrant pushing this out even further.

Google 2FA

New internal findings from the company have discovered that account breaches dropped by 50% among those users where 2FA was auto-enabled, which Google says shows just how important having such systems installed can be.

"Higher security doesn’t have to mean less convenience," Guemmy Kim, Director, Account Security and Safety at Google, wrote in a blog post.

"We are actively working on technologies that provide a secure, seamless sign-in experience and eliminate reliance on passwords – as passwords are often involved in data breaches and phishing attempts, are hard to remember, and are a pain to constantly update."

"Google has made security the cornerstone of our product strategy. We don’t just plug security holes; we work to eliminate entire classes of threats for people who depend on our services."

Alongside the expansion, Google has also announced a selection of further security upgrades coming soon to its services. This includes soon allowing users to opt-in to an account-level enhanced safe browsing option to keep you safe from accidentally visiting websites known to harbour harmful content.

The company says it is also boosting online protection for politicians and campaign workers ahead of the US midterm elections, with high-risk users urged to sign up for the company's Advanced Protection Program.

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