Google is finally making it easier to search your Drive cloud storage on mobile

Google Drive
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Google Drive has updated its search functionality for mobile users, which should make it quicker and easier for you to find the files you need. The latest changes will see intelligent search suggestions offered within the Android and iOS versions of the Drive app, based on factors like past searches and frequently accessed files.

“We’re launching new features for the Google Drive mobile apps that will help you search more quickly and efficiently,” a Google Workspace update explained. “Now, Android and iOS users with the latest versions of the Drive app will be able to: See and re-run recent desktop and mobile searches; [and] view and select intelligent suggestions as they type, including suggestions for people, past searches, and keywords, as well as recently accessed files.”

Google notes that the launch of the new search features has been driven by workplace shifts brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. With more people working away from their desks, it has become increasingly important that they can find files quickly using their smartphone.

Making search simpler

The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to enable remote working on a mass scale, with social distancing measures being enforced around the world. In this new world of work, cloud computing has become vital in allowing organizations to continue operating while keeping their employees safe.

The pandemic has also heightened competition among cloud solution providers, however, leading many to update their service offerings. In addition to the new search functionality, Google Drive also recently tweaked how Microsoft Office documents were edited on the platform.

Google Drive’s updated search function will be made available for all Google Workspace and G Suite users over the next couple of weeks, providing they have the latest version of the app installed and have the Web and App Activity privacy option enabled within their Google account.

Barclay Ballard

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