Google Docs update makes collaboration easier than ever

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Regardless of whether you're working from home or have already returned to the office, online collaboration software like Google Docs makes it easier to work with others to get your job done.

First released back in 2006, Google Docs was created after Google's acquisition of the web-based word processor Upstartle. As Google Docs is a web application first and foremost, it can be accessed from Google, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or any other compatible browser.

Over time the search giant has added new features such as speech-to-text, comments, the ability to edit Microsoft Office files and even an all-new top-level-domain called .new to make it even easier to get started working in Google Docs.

In a new update on the Google Workspace blog though, Google has announced that it will soon be even easier to find out who changed what in a shared document.

Show Editors

(Image credit: Google)

Show Editors

As part of the latest update to Google Docs, you can now view richer information on the edit history of a particular range of content in a document.

To get started using this new feature, users simply need to highlight a portion of text, right-click and select “Show Editors” from the dropdown menu.

From here, Google Docs will show you a list of editors along with their latest edit complete with time stamps. There is also an option to navigate directly to a document's Version History if you want to see even more details on what changes were made.

With the release of its new Show Editors feature, Google has made it easier to track edits made by multiple collaborators to provide users with greater insight into who the recent editors were, what changes were made and when they were made.

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