Google Cloud Anthos now supports multi-cloud

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Google Cloud has announced that its platform to manage multi-cloud workloads Anthos is now generally available for AWS though the company plans to add support for Microsoft Azure by the end of this year.

Anthos aims to deliver on the promise of write once, run anywhere by allowing businesses to run their applications on existing on-prem hardware investments or in the public cloud.

In a blog post announcing Anthos' multi-cloud support, vice president of product management at Google Cloud, Jennifer Lin explained that flexibility is one of the main reasons customers choose to use the service, saying:

“The flexibility to run applications where you need them without added complexity has been a key factor in choosing Anthos—many customers want to continue to use their existing investments both on-premises as well as in other clouds, and having a common management layer helps their teams deliver quality services with low overhead.”

Virtual machines

With the latest release, Google Cloud is also making it easier for organizations to manage diverse environments, with deeper support for virtual machines, which will let them extend Anthos' management framework to the types of workloads that make up the majority of existing systems.

Through Anthos Config Management, organizations can now manage policies for their virtual machines on Google Cloud in the same way that they do for containers. This will help reduce configuration errors due to manual intervention while also speeding up time to delivery.

Google Cloud also revealed that over the coming months, Anthos Service Mesh will include support for applications running in virtual machines which will allow organizations to manage security and policy across different workloads in Google Cloud, on-premises and in other clouds.

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