GoDaddy launches two new POS devices for SMBs

GoDaddy card reader
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Web giant GoDaddy has added two new point of sale (POS) devices to its roster.

Looking to focus on small businesses, the new POS devices, a countertop smart terminal and mobile card reader, have been designed to enable SMBs to track and manage sales across multiple areas.

The domain registrar and web hosting company says that the devices will off "industry-low" transaction fees, hoping to prove a big attraction to SMBs looking to grow following the pandemic.

GoDaddy smart terminal

GoDaddy's smart terminal (Image credit: GoDaddy)

GoDaddy POS devices 

GoDaddy says although businesses do not need a website to use its POS, having an online store is a vital component of growing an ecommerce business.

Its new additions are the $249 GoDaddy Smart Terminal, deisgned for real-life stores and sporting a dual-screen design that means there's no need to swivel a screen around - as well as packing a hidden built-in printer for receipts.

Also being launched is the GoDaddy Card Reader with Docking Station - costing $49, the company says this POS is better suited for locations such as street markets, where space and ease of use are vital.

The new devices, which are only available in the US for now, have been created to integrate with GoDaddy's online store to unify in-person and online sales all in one place - the Commerce Hub. Customers are charged a transaction fee of 2.3% + 0 cents, and online transactions are 2.3% + 30 cents.

With GoDaddy’s Commerce Hub, its customers will be given the tools to manage and track every sale they make, with the dashboard providing a bird’s eye view on how a business is performing and includes visual graphs mapping sales and orders, and the ability to compare the performance of sales across all the marketplaces that business sells.

As well as the new devices, GoDaddy also unveiled its new pricing feature for GoDaddy Payments that was put in place for small businesses to save money.

GoDaddy Payments accepts all major forms of payment including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and contactless Apple Pay and Google Pay, with no long-term contracts or monthly minimums. 

"GoDaddy’s new point of sale offerings supercharge our customers’ ability to sell anywhere and grow, noted the company's President of Commerce, Osama Bedier.

"We’re on a mission to enable small businesses with the most powerful yet easy-to-use commerce solutions at an unbeatable value. And we’re just getting started." 

These new features come as GoDaddy celebrates reaching the milestone of fully serving 60% of its more than 20 million customers that operate both on and offline.

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