Go with the Flow for an endless mix of music you'll love

Deezer Flow
(Image credit: Deezer)

Have you ever wished that your streaming service really got you? That it understood what music you love, and what music you don't? That's why you'll love Deezer's Flow. It knows which songs to play before you even realise you want to hear them. 

Flow delivers a great "lean-back" experience. With a single tap you can immerse yourself in a never-ending stream of music that's personalised just for you. Tunes you love, new ones you haven’t heard yet and old favourites you may have forgotten.

If you love music, you're going to love Flow.

Why you should go with the Flow

Unlike some recommendation engines, Flow isn't just about playing you what's popular right now. It's about helping you discover your future favourites, the music you don't know yet and the artists you might not have come across.

Finding music when there's millions of songs to choose from can be pretty overwhelming. Deezer's Flow can help ease you into discovering great new tunes, mixed with songs you love already.

It does that by analysing the music it knows you like and combines that with a range of different data. This includes what other fans of the same music listen to, what is popular where you are and input from Deezer's editors, among other things. The results are impressive.

When Flow analyses your music, it doesn't just pay attention to what you play. It also analyses what you don't play: the songs you skip, the ones you don't play all the way through, or the ones you ban. 

That learning enables Flow to understand what really moves you and what songs really make you want to move. It then generates a never-ending soundtrack based on a mix of the songs you already love and the freshest, most exciting songs you're going to fall in love with.

Your Flow recommendations can also respond to your mood. If you're feeling more Classical than K-Pop, or if this is a gym day rather than a duvet day, it'll adjust its picks based on the musical choices you make. Wherever you're going, whatever you're doing and whatever kind of music you're feeling, Flow is your ultimate personal DJ.

Deezer's Flow does things differently

Flow brings you the best of both worlds. Its human editors bring their passion for music and their in-depth knowledge of their chosen genres, and Deezer's state-of-the-art algorithms bring unparalleled analysis of your musical choices. Together they deliver a unique musical experience.

The easy way to discover new music

Using Flow couldn't be easier, and it's available to every Deezer user. When you open your Deezer app you'll see Flow right there in your Music tab. You'll also see Flow Mixes, which deliver even more musical magic. Flow Mixes are smart playlists designed for specific moods and to keep you inspired and energised throughout the week.

Your personal mixes are updated daily and weekly, with brand new releases, a Sunday chill, and a Flow Mix specially created for Deezer Family members. 

That's not all. The Deezer app also includes dedicated channels for every kind of genre and mood. And its charts show what music's getting people excited not just where you are, but anywhere in the world.

Get all the music that matters

With over 56 million tracks and available across all devices, Deezer puts a whole world of music in your pocket. It's music at your fingertips for waking up, getting going, chilling out and living your best life. 

Find out more about Flow. Deezer has a subscription for everyone, no matter if you want to go free or prefer all the features of Premium.