Github doubles down on browser-based coding

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GitHub has rolled-out its browser-based Codespaces development environment to GitHub Team and Enterprise Cloud users. 

GitHub Codespaces launched in May 2021 and is designed to equip developers with a complete cloud-hosted development environment based on the Microsoft VS Code editor

Importantly, practicing what it preaches, GitHub also announced that the company’s engineering team has moved away from its macOS-centric development model on to Codespaces.

“With Codespaces, we saw an opportunity to treat our dev environments much like we do infrastructure—a commodity we can churn—but still maintain the ability to curate our workbench,” shared Cory Wilkerson, a senior director of engineering at GitHub.

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Wilkerson uses the post to share GitHub’s experience of moving a decade and a half older repository into the new development environment without breaking things.

“Migrating to Codespaces addressed the shortcomings in our existing developer environments, motivated us to push the product further, and provided leverage to improve our overall development experience,” writes Wilkerson.

Looking at the bigger picture, VentureBeat opines that Codespace is part of the larger trend to move towards cloud-based coding environments, which make collaboration far easier.

GitHub Codespaces was launched in a limited public beta and there has been no announcement regarding its general availability. However, with the expansion of the platform, Team and Enterprise users can now explicitly enable Codespaces from under the settings to work with their private repositories.

Via VentureBeat

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