Square ends Japan's 'gaming xenophobia'

Square's acquisition of UK publisher Eidos marks a new 'East meets West' strategy for the Japanese gaming giant

Square-Enix President Yoichi Wada wants to see an end to the Japanese gaming industry's 'closed environment', with Square looking to follow Sega's lead in acquiring and working with more western groups in the future.

One of the first of such deals is of course Square's £84.3 million acquisition of UK publisher Eidos.

"In the last five to 10 years, the Japanese games industry has become a closed environment, with no new people coming in, no new ideas, almost xenophobic. It is now slightly behind western counterparts," Wada told The Financial Times.

East meets West

The Japanese gaming sector has been far too 'inwardly focused' for far too long in the Square President's learned opinion. Opening up to foreign partners and influences is urgently required in order to inject new ideas into Japanese gaming.

"The combination of Eidos and Square Enix gives us a good platform from which to expand. In that process, we might decide to acquire another company," Wada added.

The Eidos deal follows Square's partnership with US developer Gas Powered Games and the publication of Western titles in its native country.

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