Marvel Entertainment's new MMO set to be free

Marvel outlines plans to make new superhero MMO game free to play

Marvel's new MMO superhero game is set to be free to play, in news that is sure to please penny-pinching comic book guys everywhere.

Marvel Entertainment announced that its Gazillion-developed new Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) super-hero game will be free to play at a San Francisco event this week.

Micro-payment strategy

Marvel plans on going down the FarmVille route, offering the main bulk of the game free to players, with options for micro-payments for those players that want to buy virtual goods in the game.

Gazillion Entertainment President and COO Dave Brevick said his studio's new Marvel MMO game will be a legitimately free experience that will also be a "triple A, high-quality, high-production value experience that is very accessible."

Gamers will have the chance to play as one of their favourite Marvel superheroes – including Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and many others – and the game will initially launch on PC.

Expect more news on the new Marvel MMO from E3 2011 this coming June.