Fortnite now lets you ride tornadoes

A Fortnite character running towards a tornado
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Tornadoes and lightning storms have come to Fortnite in the game’s January 11 update, which is available to download now.

Teased last year during Fortnite’s Chapter 3 trailer, the extreme weather events will begin spawning across the game’s island. They’re billed not only as visual treats, but as tactical opportunities that players can utilize in-game.

Tornadoes will pick you up and hurl you about, but will also give you the airlift needed to glide safely away from danger. Storms, meanwhile, shoot lightning bolts that deal minimal damage and provide a temporary speed boost, while setting fire to the surrounding area. 

According to the official Epic Games blog, you can increase your chances of being struck by lightning by climbing on top of a peak or jumping into a body of water underneath the storm cloud.

To celebrate the introduction of the twisters, the aptly named Tornado Week is running until January 17, during which tornadoes will have a higher-than-usual chance of spawning.

Analysis: Fortnite 2042?

The inclusion of extreme weather events in a video game isn’t a particularly novel idea, but Fortnite’s introduction of tornadoes and lightning storms is a little more interesting in light of Battlefield 2042’s recent simulation of catastrophic weather events. 

Fortnite’s implementation of twisters isn’t quite as dramatic or terrifying as Battlefield’s, but the fact that two high-profile multiplayer shooters have recently used the weather for drama – and both let you glide through tornadoes – might say something about the world’s perception of the climate emergency.

As always, there’s plenty more content on the way for Fortnite. Publisher Epic Games has reportedly cut a deal with Paramount Pictures that could bring a bevy of new characters and licensed mascots to the game, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Star Trek characters.

Plans for a Fortnite movie have even been floated. Just what a feature-length episode of a multiplayer, character-clad battle royale would actually look like is anyone’s guess.

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