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Flightpath review
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Flightpath is a small, New York-based digital marketing agency offering the full spectrum of online marketing services. Among its most popular services is search engine optimization (SEO), helping businesses improve their website’s search engine ranking. 

Flightpath has a very small online presence, though, and its website is extremely bare, providing little information about its services. However, we’ve scoured the web and gathered as much information as possible to bring you the following Flightpath evaluation. Here, you will find details about the company’s prices, customer service, main features, and more.

Flightpath: Plans and pricing

Unfortunately, Flightpath provides absolutely no information about its prices or the way it develops custom SEO solutions. It does appear to specialize in complete digital marketing packages, rather than any single stream (SEO, for example) on its own. 

Now, we did find one indication of the Flightpath’s prices on clutch.co, a popular online review site. Here, its rates are listed as $25,000+ per project and $150–$199 per hour, which is standard for a high-quality SEO company. 

Ultimately, though, it appears that Flightpath develops custom solutions with custom prices for each new client it works with. Because of this, we’d encourage you to reach out to the team via the online contact form or one of its social media channels if you’d like more information.

Flightpath review

Flightpath offers competitively priced SEO services (Image credit: Flightpath)

Flightpath: How it works

Once again, there is very little information available about how Flightpath operates. It doesn’t provide any sort of service outline on its website, which is a little concerning. Really, it is nice to be able to at least have an idea about the way a company works before spending time reaching out to the team and discussing your project. 

However, the lack of information available on the web is most likely because Flightpath relies largely on physical traffic rather than remote customers working with the company online. 

The only thing that Flightpath says about its services is that it develops elastic digital marketing solutions (which presumably include SEO where required) that are designed to evolve constantly according to your business goals and expectations. It appears that the company’s team is highly trained in flexible digital marketing services, supposedly giving it an edge over many competitors.

Flightpath review

Flightpath provides complete digital marketing packages (Image credit: Flightpath)

Flightpath Features & Services

Although it doesn’t provide a lot of information about its main features and SEO services, there are a few things that stood out to us about Flightpath. 

For starters, both our research and numerous customer reviews suggest that it places a strong emphasis on developing integrated digital marketing campaigns. This means that even if SEO is your main focus, the Flightpath team will be able to recommend and help you with various other marketing streams. 

Flightpath also places an emphasis on ensuring your web design and UX is optimized for SEO. This means that the team will work alongside you to optimize your code, fine-tune your design, and ensure everything is in line with Google’s best practices. 

In addition, Flightpath uses custom measurement plans to gauge the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. A range of key performance indicators (KPIs), targets, and other metrics will be tracked to ensure your budget is being spent as effectively as possible as you work towards your long-term goals.

Flightpath evaluation

Flightpath offers SEO-friendly technical optimization (Image credit: Flightpath)

Flightpath: Support and customer care

In order to analyze Flightpath’s customer service and ongoing customer care, we scoured the web for reviews from past clients. And overall, we were very impressed with what we found. 

For starters, clutch.co has three reviews, with an average of 4.7 out of five stars. All three reviews comment on the excellent customer service that the Flightpath team has provided. One notable review is from a large medical company that claims to have spent millions on SEO and SEM marketing—something no one would do if they weren’t happy with the service provided. 

There are also three Google reviews, each with five out of five stars. And finally, Agency Spotter, another major online review site, has five Flightpath reviews. They too emphasize the excellent customer care that was received and range from four to five stars.

Flightpath review

The vast majority of online Flightpath reviews range from four to five stars (Image credit: Flightpath)

The competition

Flightpath is a small SEO and digital marketing agency that appears to offer high-quality service across the board, and many people have had extremely good experiences working with the company. However, working with a small agency isn’t for everyone, which means you might want to consider one of the two following alternatives.

The first, WebFX, is a large, proven SEO agency that offers highly affordable, customized service. Its SEO packages offer great value for money, you will know exactly what you’re getting when you sign up, and the vast majority of the hundreds of online client reviews are resoundingly positive. 

The second is Networking Bizz Digital LLC. Like WebFX, this is a large digital marketing agency that places a strong emphasis on SEO. It has worked with some of the world’s most successful companies and has received numerous awards over the years.

Final verdict

Although Flightpath doesn’t have a large online presence, we were unable to find any evidence suggesting that this SEO and digital marketing agency provides anything other than exceptional service. Its SEO features appear to be great, past customer reviews are nearly all positive, and the company provides an impressive selection of performance tracking metrics. 

The bottom line: If you would like to work with a small SEO service provider, there’s certainly no harm in having a chat with the Flightpath team.

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