Firefox 90 delivers a bunch of small but important upgrades

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After completely redesigning its browser from the ground up last month, Mozilla has released the next version of Firefox which contains new features and improvements to complement version 89's visual overhaul.

With Firefox 90, the company has added a number of improvements to the Windows version of its browser with the first being a new about:third-party page designed to help users identify any compatibility problems they encounter as a result of third-party modules and apps.

Keeping Firefox updated will now be even easier in Windows 10 as Mozilla has added a new option to silently install updates when the browser isn't running using a background service. Users that want to turn on background updates can do so by going to Firefox's Settings, locating the General tab and heading to Firefox Updates.

Another new feature in Firefox 90 gives users the ability to add and manage exceptions to the browser's HTTPS-Only Mode from the Privacy tab in the Settings menu. Previously users could only exclude sites from HTTPS-Only Mode by clicking on the lock icon in the Address Bar.

SmartBlock version 2

After launching SmartBlock with the release of Firefox 87 back in March, Mozilla has updated its intelligent tracker blocking mechanism to version 2 which now includes the ability to block third-party Facebook scripts in private browsing mode.

For those unfamiliar, SmartBlock is privacy feature in Firefox that intelligently fixes web pages that are broken due to Mozilla's tracking protections. The tool does this by providing local stand-ins for blocked third-party tracking scripts. These stand-in scripts behave in a similar way to the original ones in order to make sure a website works properly while still protecting user privacy.

Another big change in Firefox 90 is that Mozilla has finally removed FTP support from its browser after disabling the feature with the release of Firefox 88 back in April.

Firefox 90 is now available for Windows, Linux and macOS and new mobile versions of the browser will also be rolling out on Android and iOS. If you haven't used Firefox in a while, the browser is better than ever thanks to Mozilla's recent redesign along with the new updates and features the company has added.

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