Feel the breeze with the powerful new Dreo Pilot Max tower fan

Dreo Pilot Max tower fan in open space
(Image credit: Dreo)

Get ready for intense cooling with the Dreo Pilot Max tower fan. You’ve seen tower fans before, but few can offer the polish and power that’s on offer in the Pilot Max. 

This new model is the peak of Dreo’s tower fan series, and with a close look at its capabilities, it’s clearly earning that distinction. This tower fan has a minimal footprint, letting it sit conveniently in a corner of your room, out of the way. But, with its wide 120-degree oscillation range and powerful airflow, it’s ready to help you cool off in even large rooms.

At the heart of the Dreo Pilot Max is a 42-inch tall impeller fan that’s brilliantly designed to efficiently maximize airflow while keeping noise levels way down. The fan is so strong that it can move up to 1,475 cubic feet of air per minute and send that air gusting out at 26 ft/second. It can even reach as far as 32 feet away. With 12 different speed settings, you’ll get to dial the fan into just the right level for your comfort.

With all that power, you’d expect a lot of noise, but the impeller blades and brushless DC motor spinning the fan are designed with noise in mind. The motor will run at a hushed level while the impeller pushes tons of air through with reduced turbulence that keeps noise levels down to 48dB at a maximum and can see them drop as low as 25dB for a comfortable, sleeping volume. 

Even the stepper motor that handles oscillation offers a smooth and silent back and forth motion, so all you hear is a refreshing breeze blowing past you.

When you’re trying to cool off and relax, you don’t want to have to get up to change settings. So the Dreo Pilot Max thoughtfully includes a remote control. This way, you can get comfortable where you like and tailor the fan’s settings to your location. The fan can also run in an automatic mode that will adjust speeds based on the ambient temperature, so it won’t keep running at full blast if the temps cool down at night.

With modern design and conveniences to fit your lifestyle, the Dreo Pilot Max is a sensible addition to the home. But with its low operating power, it can also be a sensible choice for your budget. Ample airflow can make a huge difference in the hot summer months, and you may find it's enough to let you leave the air conditioning off. A/C units are notorious power hogs, but the Dreo Pilot Max can run as long as three months for a little over a dollar. It’s also easy to maintain with a simple, removable cover on the back you can pop off to clean.

You can buy the Dreo Pilot Max from Dreo directly or you can find it available on Amazon