Facebook rolls out a Quiet Mode so it doesn't stress you out quite so much

Facebook Quiet Mode
(Image credit: Facebook)

Good news if you've been finding Facebook's mobile notifications a little on the aggressive side – the social network is rolling out a new Quiet Mode feature that lets you mute alerts during certain parts of the day.

It's part of Facebook's ongoing response to the coronavirus outbreak we're living through, and comes with some other wellbeing tools such as tips and resources from the World Health Organization (WHO) that are built right into the app.

"As we all adjust to new routines and staying home, setting boundaries for how you spend your time online can be helpful," says Facebook.

It would appear that Quiet Mode can be activated as and when you need it, or set to work on a schedule. Not only will notifications be muted, you'll also see an alert if you try and open up Facebook while Quiet Mode is enabled.

Digital timekeeping

We don't have a huge number of details on how Quiet Mode works, but it looks as though it will be part of a newly revamped Your Time on Facebook dashboard. As well as Quiet Mode, you'll also see stats on how you're using the social network.

You'll be able to see your activity on Facebook from this dashboard, TechCrunch reports, and edit News Feed preferences from here as well – just in case you've got any annoying relatives you want to hear less from.

These features match the Screen Time and Digital Wellbeing tools that have recently been rolled out as part of iOS and Android respectively. It would appear that all the big tech companies have realized just how addictive their products can be.

The Quiet Mode feature is rolling out to the Facebook for iOS app now, and will be on Facebook for Android at some point during May.

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