Edison Mail rolls back iOS update after emails reach wrong inbox

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Third-party email app Edison Mail has been forced to roll back a software update on its iOS platform after discovering some users had been able to view messages from the accounts of total strangers. 

Several users contacted media outlets across the United States to report the glitch after updating to the latest version of the app on their iPhones or iPads. The app, which allows users to sync data across their devices, reportedly redirected personal mails to total strangers. 

Edison Mail said it quickly took down the update and reported that it was a bug and not a security breach. It added that it would identify the issue and provide a fresh update.

Edison Mail update

Edison Mail had recently released an update that introduced the feature allowing cross-device data sync. However, soon after the rollout, users started reporting such instances of seeing mails of strangers on their app even when they had not entered their mail ID or password. 

A report published by The Verge said a user apparently received 100 unread messages from the UK-based email account of a stranger even without entering his credentials. Some others also reported the issue on social media platforms. 

"Ten hours ago, a software update was rolled out to a small percentage of our user base. Some of these users who received the update are experiencing a flaw in the app impacting email accounts that was brought to our attention this morning,” the company told The Verge in an email. 

“We have quickly rolled back the update. We are contacting the impacted Edison Mail users (limited to a subset of those users who have updated and opened the app in the last 10 hours) to notify them," the email said. 

Users would be well advised to change their passwords at this instance just so that they don't find emails meant for them reaching some other inbox. 

Via: The Verge

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