Duda launches DudaFlex to help users build websites faster

(Image credit: Duda)

In an effort to help its users build sites faster, Duda has announced the launch of its new inline editing technology DudaFlex that is based on flexible layouts like CSS, Grid, Flexbox and more.

With DudaFlex, web professionals can build pixel-perfect responsive websites that automatically scale with precise accuracy across all devices in a fraction of the time needed when using other website builders.

Duda's new solution can be used in a variety of ways as it gives users total freedom over how they craft designs by utilizing freestyle positioning. At the same time, DudaFlex increases production efficiency for web development agencies by greatly reducing and oftentimes even eliminating the amount of custom coding needed. 

The beta version of DudaFlex is now available and it also includes the option to reuse elements and designs to help Duda users launch websites faster.


DudaFlex combines the powerful design capabilities of the best web design software with the speed of development available from professional website builders.

Thanks to the solution's new capabilities, web professionals now have out-of-the-box mobile optimization and control over several layers of permissions to help improve collaboration when designing a website and filling it with content.

Co-Founder of Duda, Amir Glatt provided further insight on the company's new offering in a press release, saying:

“If you thought Duda was intuitive and easy to use before, then you will be pleasantly surprised by how much a game-changer DudaFlex is. DudaFlex allows the freedom to design websites at scale exactly to client specifications. You’ll never have to make sacrifices on a design, as DudaFlex automates every building feature possible and optimizes websites to be lightning-fast on every device.”

Anthony Spadafora

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