Dropbox wants to cut down on the number of apps you use at work

Dropbox Capture
(Image credit: Dropbox)

Dropbox has announced a bunch of updates - and a brand new tool - that it hopes will help users to save valuable time at work.

The most notable update is the introduction of Dropbox Capture, which the business cloud storage firm says will let users, “make your point without making a meeting”. It combines voice recording with other visual aids like screen recording and presentations so that workers can explain something and give a demo without having to schedule a video call.

Dropbox says that all of its plans will get access to this, including its free Basic plans. Those, and Plus or Family subscribers, will be able to record up to two hours of content at 1080p. Only videos under five minutes can be edited. Professional, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise customers can record and edit any video size up to their account storage limit, with an additional boost to 4K quality.

New Dropbox features

The company is also making changes to its HelloSign eSign tool to bring it more in line with the rest of its products. Now called Dropbox Sign, all users will benefit from unlimited self-signing, including free plans. Paid Standard and Premium plans get the addition of Dropbox Forms, which allows for up to 50 exchanges per month.

Elsewhere, Dropbox has also added support for video files to DocSend, a tool that the company hopes can replace traditional email attachments. With this, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise users can check things like playback completion rate, time watched, and even geo-tagging location, which can be handy for companies to monitor their employees’ training progress. 

The company has already hinted that it will incorporate Capture into DocSend by the end of the year, which it hopes will keep its users enclosed in its ecosystem as it takes on the battle against other big cloud storage players like Google Drive, iCloud Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. 

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