Dropbox has revamped its cloud backup service

Dropbox Cloud Backup
(Image credit: Dropbox)

Losing your important files when your devices break or get stolen can be devastating which is why Dropbox has released a new version of its cloud backup service.

Building on its existing backup functionality, the cloud storage provider has upgraded Dropbox Backup with new features including a new restoration flow, settings to help you easily manage your backups on your computer and more.

Compared to other backup tools, Dropbox Backup is an easy-to-use alternative and a standalone solution that can be set up in minutes.

A simplified backup experience

Although cloud sync services can free up space on your hard drive and allow you to access, share and collaborate on content with others, Dropbox Backup gives users extra peace of mind by automatically backing up a copy of their files and folders that can be quickly recovered from the cloud if necessary.

With Dropbox’s cloud backup solution, users can ensure they’ve preemptively taken the steps to protect their most important files including photos, videos and personal documents.

Dropbox Backup’s new simplified experience allows you to manage everything directly from your desktop. You can check the progress of backups, view history and prioritize specific files to be backed up first.

As the solution stores backed-up files separately from your shared files, you won’t have to worry about accidentally overwriting your emergency backups. If you do need to access your backups, you can start recovery with just a few clicks and your files will be automatically restored.

Dropbox Backup is available alongside a subscription to the company’s cloud storage service for $9.99 per month though you can also purchase a standalone subscription to its backup service for just $5.99.

Anthony Spadafora

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