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Dropbox wants to secure all your files and passwords

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Decluttering and securing your digital life is about to get a whole lot easier for Dropbox Plus users as the cloud storage company has announced that Dropbox Passwords, Dropbox Vault and computer backup are now generally available.

Dropbox Passwords is the company's new password manager that saves your passwords and autofills them so you can instantly sign in to the websites and apps you use every day. With Passwords, users can sign in from anywhere as there are apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and passwords from their desktop will automatically sync to their mobile device. Dropbox's password manager also secures credentials with zero-knowledge encryption.

Dropbox Vault on the other hand helps users secure and organize their most sensitive documents in one place for easy access. The files stored inside your vault are protected by a PIN though you can also designate trusted friends of family members who can access your files from any device in an emergency.

Computer backup is Dropbox's cloud backup solution that is capable of automatically backing up folders on your PC or Mac, including your Desktop, Downloads and Documents, directly into your Dropbox folder. Your files and folders are continuously synced between the cloud and your hard drive so that they are accessible from anywhere regardless of what happens to your computer. You can also use computer backup to backup multiple PCs and Macs in one place. The new feature is also available on Dropbox Professional and Dropbox Basic.

In addition to its new features for Dropbox Plus users, Dropbox also announced two new Dropbox Professional features that make it easier for users to share links.

The first of these is branded sharing which gives users the ability to customize shared links with their logo, company name and a background image so that others easily know who they are when a file is shared. This feature can be quite useful for those trying to make a name for themselves online or for reminding clients who you are whenever they receive files you've sent.

Dropbox is also bringing delivery confirmation to its service with its new traffic and insights feature for shared links. Once this feature is enabled, users can easily track interactions with their shared links and see who visited the link, what kind of device they viewed it on, when it was accessed and whether they viewed or downloaded a shared file.

Dropbox Professional users can begin using branded sharing and traffic and insights today, though the company plans to roll out these features to Dropbox Business teams soon.

Anthony Spadafora

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