Dell, Intel, and Nvidia are teaming up on a metaverse for professionals

virtual reality users
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Dell, Nvidia, and Intel are working together on new tools to help designers and creatives collaborate in 3D virtual environments.

The basis is Nvidia's so-called Omniverse, built for design collaboration and physically accurate simulation. Unlike Meta's plans for the metaverse, the focus here is more akin to Microsoft's HoloLens. 

Nvidia says its Omniverse tools bring a collection of popular applications into a 3D space, facilitating real-time collaboration among designers, researchers, engineers and the like. In essence, it's the metaverse for enterprise – and there could be some mileage in the idea.

Ominverse ahoy

Now, Dell is helping build expanded capabilities onto Nvidia's Omniverse, specifically focusing on data centres to give the product more power. 

Dell's calling it the Dell Validated Design for VDI with NVIDIA Omniverse, which isn't the catchiest of names, but is perhaps befitting of enterprise software. 

According to Dell, the collaboration means Omniverse users can work together in real-time up to 23% faster, at least in terms of load times. Dell is also bringing its VMware smarts to the party, alongside some specific infrastructure build with Nvidia. 

“Rather than exchanging and iterating on massive files, designers, artists and reviewers can work simultaneously in a virtual world from anywhere on any device,” noted analyst Jon Peddie.

“Dell’s solution with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise has the potential to transform every industry by making truly collaborative, creative innovation possible in a common virtual space for the first time.”

But what about Intel? The chip giant gives Dell and Nvidia's project some heft for AI researchers using its tools. Data scientists can use these tools, built atop Dell's AI platform, to work faster and more efficiently. 

“The complexity of developing and deploying ML models has been always been a key pain point,” said Seagate's Ruti Arazi. “We welcome Dell Validated Designs, providing us a quick, full-stack AI launchpad for implementing AI-centric projects. With Dell and, both infrastructure and a complex AI stack are abstracted away.”

So, essentially, the collaboration between Dell, Nvidia and Intel is the underpinning of a new "metaverse" for work, a concept we expect to hear more and more about in the coming months and beyond.

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