Death Stranding 2 trailer shows series continues tradition of being weird AF

Death Stranding 2
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

While Death Stranding 2 isn't a surprise, after all, back in May, actor Norman Reedus straight up said he was appearing in a sequel. Now we've had official confirmation and the first trailer of the game. More importantly, the trailer confirms that the sequel will continue the series' tradition of being completely weird.

I'll do as good a job of describing what happens in Death Stranding 2's reveal trailer, but you may want to just watch it for yourself. You can find it below, but in brief: men in red armor that look like bugs are breaking into a cave, and Lea Seydoux is fleeing from them on an electric unicycle. She gets shot, and we see a baby crying black tears in a womb. Then a white-haired Norman Reedus climbs some stairs and watches a flying ship rise out of a lake of ink.

If that didn't paint a good enough image for you, I guess you could watch the trailer:

I played through all of Death Stranding, but I'll confess it's a bit of a blur. Blitzing a campaign in 40 hours straight to get ready for a review does tend to have the information that you learn fall out of your head as fast as it went in. So, in terms of how this trailer connects up to the events of the previous game, beyond seeing returning characters, nothing is jumping out immediately. 

The story at the end of Death Stranding did close the loop, in terms of getting the complete thread of Mads Mikkelsen's character, and his absence from the Death Stranding 2 trailer could suggest he won't be returning. So, perhaps instead, the focus will be on Sam rebuilding America, having now built a strand network that runs from coast to coast.

All we can be sure of is that Hideo Kojima will deliver something weird AF.

Julian Benson
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