Data rollover lets Sky Mobile customers save more than ever

Sky mobile
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky Mobile says its customers have saved a total of 55GB in mobile data since lockdown measures were introduced last year, using the figure to highlight the value of its automatic rollover proposition.

The company says the data saved by customers, worth around £174 million, is perhaps one of the few upsides of the pandemic. Customers are spending more time at home rather than out and about, meaning they are using their home Wi-Fi connection.

Normally, unused data would be lost forever, but Sky automatically lets customers use any unused allowance to the following month. Sky says the average customer has saved 43GB worth £136.

Sky Mobile data rollover

It’s also possible to share this unused data with friends and family who also have Sky SIM only deals, or exchange it for rewards such as accessories or money off a new device.

Sky says 11.5m GB of data has been shared so far, while 240,000 rewards have been issued. The most popular reward has been Sky Store vouchers, which is unsurprising given the majority of people have been increasingly reliant on home entertainment over the past few months.

‘’Since last April, we’ve seen a 50% increase in our customers saving and sharing data across the Sky Mobile network,” said Paul Sweeney, Sky Mobile managing director. “With many of us saving more data than ever before, it’s important to us that you don’t lose your unused data but instead have the flexibility to roll it over to use at a later date, share with others or redeem against rewards.’’

Sky Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) powered by O2’s radio network. It first launched to customers back in 2017, opening up to everyone else later in the year.

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