Currys Instant Ink Subscription Boxes make HP Instant Ink an even more affordable – and smart – way to run your printer

HP Instant Ink
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We’ve all experienced some kind of printer ink-related headache in the past, most likely, or even a disaster perhaps. Like trying to print out your boarding pass before you head out to the airport and running out of ink before it’s completed.

If you haven’t been monitoring or thinking about your ink levels, it’s entirely possible you could end up in a situation where you’re suddenly left without ink, high and dry. No ink, no boarding pass (or no homework, no dissertation, report, or other crucial document that you may need to print, and fast).

There’s a simple solution to ensure you never run out of ink, though, one that doesn’t just take care of the monitoring of ink levels for you, but also the ordering of fresh cartridges which arrive in time for when you need them.

That solution is called HP Instant Ink, and here’s how it works. With this scheme, you don’t pay for ink, but instead you pay for the pages you print (with the cost being the same whether that’s a page of black and white text, or a colour photo). Your printer (connected to the internet) tells HP when you’re running low on ink, so the HP sends out a fresh cartridge, which arrives before you run out – at no cost.

Not only is this a supremely convenient and hassle-free way of running your printer, but it can save you a serious amount of money. Indeed, we’re talking about savings of up to 70% on ink according to HP, as well as other benefits in terms of a stronger level of sustainability around your printing.

When you get a new ink cartridge, there’s also a pre-paid packet in which you can send back your empty cartridge to allow HP to recycle it, giving this scheme added appeal on the green-friendly front. Instant Ink also cuts down on the amount of packaging used compared to buying typical ink cartridges.

Instantly appealing

Are you sold on the idea of Instant Ink yet? It’s an impressive addition to HP’s bag of printing tricks in many ways, and a superior choice to buying traditional HP cartridges (or indeed third-party brands). Instant Ink represents a highly flexible, convenient, and cheap way to run your HP printer. Indeed, if you’re currently looking at buying a new printer, this scheme might even persuade you to choose HP rather than a rival brand.

What makes HP Instant Ink more compelling now is that you can benefit from even more savings thanks to welcome kits which are being sold by Currys. And this is a purchase that pays for itself – literally.

Currys Instant Ink Subscription Box

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How does that work? Okay, say you’ve just been taken by surprise and run out of printer ink. You’ll need to get a new cartridge, naturally, but instead of picking up a standard replacement, you purchase an Instant Ink Subscription Box for £9.99 instead. This comes with two cartridges – black and tri-colour – and you can start using them in your printer right away, once you sign up for an Instant Ink monthly plan. So, your printer ink needs are sorted there and then, and having freshly joined an Instant Ink plan, you’ll never run out of ink again – getting all the benefits we’ve discussed above.

Here’s the cherry on top though: once you sign up for that plan, you’ll get a £10 starter credit towards your Instant Ink subscription. That’s what we mean about the welcome kit paying for itself, as that credit effectively refunds the initial £9.99 outlay (and gives you a penny more into the bargain), essentially making those first two cartridges free.

HP’s monthly Instant Ink plans are very flexible, so you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, or switch to a different plan. The plans start from as little as £0.99 per month (for 10 pages monthly) up to £9.99 per month (300 pages) or £22.49 (700 pages). If you print more than expected, you can always upgrade to a higher-tier plan, and on the other hand, if you don’t use up your allotted printing allowance, the pages roll over to the next month. HP Instant Ink is a win-win situation in this respect.

HP Envy Inspire Printer

(Image credit: HP / Currys)

Supported HP printers

If you’re planning on joining the world of Instant Ink, all you need is an eligible HP printer, and there’s a Currys Subscription Box to suit a vast range of different models. For your convenience, here’s the full lowdown on the four Instant Ink Subscription Box products that Currys sells, complete with a list of the printers they support.

Buy the HP Instant Ink 305 Subscription Box for the following printer models:

  • HP DeskJet 2700e series
  • HP DeskJet 2700 series
  • HP DeskJet 4100e series
  • HP DeskJet 4100 series
  • HP Envy 6000e series
  • HP Envy 6000 series
  • HP Envy 6400e series
  • HP Envy Pro 6400 series

Buy the HP Instant Ink 304 Subscription Box for the following printer models:

  • HP DeskJet 2600 series
  • HP DeskJet 3700 series
  • HP Envy 5000 series

Buy the HP Instant Ink 303 Subscription Box for the following printer models:

  • HP Envy Photo 6200 series
  • HP Envy 7100 series
  • HP Envy Inspire 7200e series
  • HP Envy Inspire 7900 series
  • HP Tango

Buy the HP Instant Ink 302 Subscription Box for the following printer models:

  • HP DeskJet 2130 series
  • HP DeskJet 3600 series
  • HP Envy 4500 series
  • HP OfficeJet 3800 series
  • HP OfficeJet 4600 series
  • HP OfficeJet 5200 series

As mentioned, there’s wide-ranging support for a whole host of HP printers, opening up the world of Instant Ink to a huge number of homes and businesses. It’s a smarter way of printing all-round, and a much more affordable one – both in terms of the environment, and your pocket, especially with the money you get back thanks to the Subscription Box credit.