ASUS release AMD Opteron 6300 ready servers

ASUS release AMD Opteron 6300 ready servers
Four CPUs, two GPUs and five empty slots

Asus has launched a new range of servers and motherboards designed for data center, enterprise and HPC applications, with support for up to four CPUs, two GPUs, and four PCI Express expansion slots.

The new RS920A-E6/RS8 and RS924A-E6/RS8 servers have been designed with a 4-way layout that supports four AMD G34 sockets for up to four of the latest AMD Opteron 6300 processors on the same motherboard. With each Opteron 6300 processor utilizing 16 cores, the new ASUS servers can sustain up to 64 cores as well as a maximum 512GB memory.

The new ASUS RS924A-E6 RS8 Server

Plenty of room for expansion on the ASUS RS924A-E6 RS8 Server

The servers will ship with four PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots plus one dedicated slot for an ASUS PIKE RAID card, and features an internal design that allows for up to twin double-deck graphics cards.

In preparing for the new processors from AMD, ASUS has developed a dedicated backward compatible and easy-upgrade BIOS to make the most of Socket G34 processors, with special features for the AMD Opteron 6300 product range.