Microsoft finally reveals pricing for the 84- and 55-inch Surface Hub

For the Hub of God
For the Hub of God

Microsoft has finally revealed details on pricing and shipping dates for the Surface Hub, its 84- and 55-inch digital whiteboard designed for presentations and video conferences. Businesses that are interested in purchasing the Hub, which is essentially a giant tablet for conference rooms, will have to start saving pennies immediately.

The 84-inch model, which features a 4K display, will cost $19,999 (about £13,000, AU$15,000). The 55-inch model, which is available only in full HD, will cost $6,999 (about £4,600, AU$5,350).

Both models will be available for pre-order on July 1. They will begin shipping to customers in September.

What it features

At its simplest form, the Surface Hub is designed to enable organisations to connect to Skype and share meeting notes with virtual attendees. But when you go a step deeper into its functionality, the Hub can enable whiteboard interaction with multitouch gestures, give demonstrations of 3D renderings, and has a note-taking app that automatically saves and emails notes and drawings to meeting participants.

The Surface Hub is backed by a powerful Intel Core i7 processor and a discrete Nvidia GPU. It will come packaged with Windows 10 and all core Microsoft apps, including a free Office subscription.

The Hub will come with a one-year warranty and one year of 24-hour Microsoft service and support.